Connecticut LP Offers Voters a Direct Say

Written by Mark Stewart Greenstein
Political Director Libertarian Party of CT
2016 LP Convention Delegate – Orlando
Connecticut LP

Connecticut LP

The Libertarian Party of Connecticut (“LPCT”) offers voters a direct say in their delegates’ choice for President and Vice-President.
Unlike the Republicans and the Democrats, which “bind” delegates selected in convoluted caucuses and primaries, the Libertarian Party has from its inception offered delegates who use their judgement on behalf of its members’ wishes.  The Libertarian Party convention taking place at the end of May features at least sixteen Presidential candidates and at least five Vice Presidential Candidates.  In “small d” democrat and “small r” republican fashion, Connecticut’s 12 delegates will each vote for one in each category.  Delegates will also have a say in amending the LP Platform that weekend.
The Connecticut LP delegation is especially vigilant about respecting voter wishes.  It offers Nutmeggers more direct democracy than any time since Colonial town meetings.  Several LPCT delegates are happy to receive direct feedback by email from any LPCT Member over the next two weeks.   At least one delegate holds conference calls two mornings a week for voters to express themselves.  And at least one delegate will offer a Zoom-based conference live from the Orlando convention.
Any adult can become a LP Member; no voter registration is needed with the state authorities.  The LP requires a $50 membership fee.  Mark Greenstein, the Connecticut LP Political Director, lauds this system.  “The $50 fee means you have a true investment in the Party.   Privileges SHOULD be bestowed on members, and this is a membership in one of the highest possible causes.”  Greenstein notes that lack of real membership (i.e. open primaries) is what has allowed Donald Trump to wreak havoc in the Republican Party.
Members may reach delegates through the Party website – and voters may express sentiments every Tuesday and Thursday at 11am eastern using 712-770-4010 and passcode 702659#.
Contacts:  Carol McMahon
Delegation Chair
and:  Mark Stewart Greenstein
Political Director and Delegate
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