Connecticut’s Governor Gets a 2018 Challenger

Democrat Dannel Mallloy, should he choose to run for a third term,  will get a gubernatorial challenge from Democrat Mark Stewart.

Malloy gets Challenged for Governor

Malloy gets Challenged for Governor

Stewart, 52, is the “JFK Democrat” who ran in the Rhode Island primary for President last winter, against Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.  He is now a member of the Libertarian Party, which allows Democrats and Republicans to keep their affiliations.  Mr. Stewart remains in the Democrat party because “they need the most help”.  The proposition he poses is whether voters are more moderate and/or more freedom-loving than their leaders.
“To today’s far-left Democrat leaders, JFK would be run out of the party”, Stewart observes.  Indeed, liberal icon George McGovern never envisioned the sweeping assaults on individualism and responsibility that ObamaCare, the disability farce, and the “security state” have foisted upon us.  Today’s leaders have little in common, idea-wise, with another astute leader considered a main-stream Democrat in 1991: Bill Clinton.”
“Dan Malloy is among the far left.  From forcing firings of low income workers (via a commanded minimum wage), to doing nothing about pension-based deficits, to withholding travel to states that want to protect women’s privacy, Malloy is an extremist. “
Mr. Stewart made the announcement from Orlando, where the Libertarian Party is holding its national convention.   Mr. Stewart is actually continuing his national campaign there, now as one of the LP’s nine Vice Presidential candidates.   Would the ultimate national success, election to the Vice Presidency, cause him to end his gubernatorial campaign?
“No. I would be pleased to resign after 16 months of good work supporting my President, and move on to the more important work of helping bring back Connecticut.   I will happily, EAGERLY in fact, hand the Senate gavel to to one of the quality Libertarians campaigning beside me now.”  Stewart proposes a 1/3 then 2/3 split, 16 months, then 32 months for his successor.  Article XXV permits a president to name a successor upon a vice president’s resignation.  Mr. Stewart would like to see that “VP 2B” named now, to campaign with him and his Presidential candidate for the next five months.  “Alicia Dearn, Larry Sharpe, and Will Coley would all make excellent VPs for 32 months.  Indeed, I’d like to see the four of us plan an eight-year succession.”  Those outside would serve as cabinet members, until their time to move to the VP role.  “I’d personally like to see these three, along with Marc Feldman (an LP Presidential Candidate) occupy the Big Four departments: AG, Defense, State, and Treasury.  Should one move up or out, I’d like to see Gary Hart and Joe Lieberman as possible successors”
Mr. Stewart made a point Thursday night to Libertarian conventioners that  the Vice President’s  Constitutional duty of presiding over the U.S. Senate has been shirked.   “We haven’t had a VP who respected Article I since Calvin Coolidge”, said Stewart.  Article I Section 8 lists the powers Americans entrusted to Congress.  Stewart pledges to remind Americans that “95% of the legislation that has come before the Senate over the last 50 years has violated this.”  For sixteen months, he would heartily work to return the proper balance of lawmaking and individual freedom.
 He would resign and then if elected governor would inaugurate an even more radical return: to end public dependence on the state government and make private welfare paramount.  Connecticut is plagued by high welfare payments that in the long run make its recipients more dependent and more impoverished.  Liberal state largess is why so many employers are leaving Connecticut.
Mr. Stewart’s campaign site  is at
 Written by
Mark Greenstein
Political Director Libertarian Party of CT
2016 LP Convention Delegate – Orlando
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