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Campaign Head Quarters

Campaign Head Quarters


Checks can also be mailed to the Committee Treasurer:

Dan Reale For Congress

8849 Wentworth Ave. S. #19

Minneapolis MN, 55420

Campaign HQ: 860.546.8997

Being on the ballot, having a campaign headquarters and having two full time staff to make our effort succeed are important firsts in Libertarian history. There are more firsts to come.

A few years ago our friends were few. No one knew who we were. We’ve been preceded by a long line of honorable people that didn’t accept failure to make the Libertarian mindset inspire greatness – Michael Badnarik, Harry Browne, Murray Rothbard and countless others.

This is about giving it everything we’ve got to make a Libertarian world come into being. It’s time to end the war on privacy. We need to end the war on personal liberty. We need to stop the war on your personal property rights. It is our responsibility and calling to make sure that no one else dies abroad in a war of aggression. These wars absolutely defy who we are as human beings.

Ending those wars means hitting the task before us hard, and now. We need to wage an advertising campaign in the Second District of peace in our time. We need to make sure that voters know that peace is not just an option, but that it’s here to stay.

Today, we’re on much better footing. We are in a far better position as a party than ever – all committed, all in and very much a concern to Republicans and Democrats on the ballot with us. Their attempts to keep us off the ballot, out of all the debates and completely out of the media have failed. I can personally report that their attempts to keep us off the radar involved significant effort going back to February.

With the help you gave us last election we achieved the Campaign HQ, yard signs, and Dan Real received enough votes to gain ballot access with out petitioning needed for 2 District in 2016. We have already knocked out a huge obstacle to liberty. Now we will be putting your generosity to use with TV and Radio advertisements. This is going to get us that much closer to taking the 2nd District CT to liberty town. We’re currently deploying a heroic number of Dan Reale signs (lawn and 4×8 foot) throughout the Second District. We’re also contacting thousands of voters by direct mail and radio show.

Those efforts cannot fall short because we can’t afford another four years of business as usual. The voters who know we’re out there are already responding. We just need to bring in the rest who otherwise wouldn’t show up because they don’t know we’re out there and on the ballot.

Let’s make history. In Liberty,

Dan Reale Candidate for Congress For Liberty and the Constitution

Can we count on your support? Every donation counts. Your donation will give us that edge we need to win, and that’s the only limit to our advertising inventory.

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