Dan Reale: Why I am Running for Congress

“Unlike the party establishment, I made my promises under penalty of perjury. I can’t seem to get a single Demopublican to follow that.”            

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Libertarian Candidate for Connecticut U.S. House Second District 

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Why I’m Running for Congress

There’s a short explanation: we’re getting rooked.

Now, here’s the long one.

I grew up in an America somewhere post sunset of its heyday. The money ran out. All possible benefit of picking winners and losers had long since maximized – to which there is none. This hasn’t stopped Democrats and Republicans from literally playing God in everything from what sort of mattress tag you need to who lives and who dies. Decades of experience show us that they’re not qualified to do it and not very effective at making anyone truly happy with the results. None of us knows how to run your life. The difference between us is that Libertarians admit we don’t know how to run your life – and we’re not going to.

I called the Housing Bubble, as did everyone else who was truly honest and paying attention. It happened. The banks were paid for your mortgage – but they still expected you to pay your mortgage in full. Democrats and Republicans gave them a bailout equal to 75% of all mortgages in the United States as they allowed them to commit perjury, forge documents and make deliberate misrepresentations to courts around the country. Democrats and Republicans will never hold them to account – and that’s why you need someone who has worked on foreclosures in Congress to do it.

Obamacare was Republican in Massachusetts – and it’s the same bipartisan scam today. The real answer is an actual healthcare platform, which I have and Joe Courtney never did. Libertarians believe that free markets require honest and transparent pricing. Democrats and Republicans don’t. You’ll get a bill to repeal Obamacare and implement actual solutions when I am elected to Congress. Simply requiring prices to be published in advance and not change based on the insurance or method of payment – even if it’s only a requirement for Medicare reimbursement, will reduce healthcare costs by half. That’s without spending a single dollar or hiring a single new government employee. We can’t deal with our unsustainable federal budget without addressing healthcare, and it’s time to fire Joe Courtney so we can do it.

We elected Joe Courtney to bring the troops home. It never happened. He’s had the better part of a decade to do it. Instead, we’re still funding endless, aimless and undeclared war. I believe in actual national defense, which means defending our own territory. That requires a strong navy and a strong air force, which means the troops come home, we produce far more subs than what Joe Courtney could ever secure contracts for, we save lives and we save money. Isupport the troops, which has to involve never sending them in harms way without a declaration of war – and a plan to fight it, win it and come home.

A good economy means a level playing field for everyone. That does not mean the government picks winners and losers. That does not mean one country gets preferential treatment over another. Americans believe, as to all Libertarians, that the best innovations win. Too long have Democrats and Republicans succumbed to lobbyists demanding special protection for inferior products – up to and including excluding their own competition from their industries. Libertarians believe the only restrictions on business should be not to lie, not to commit fraud, not to steal and not to violate the rights of others.

Democrats and Republicans would rather fix the minimum wage than fix the money, which has lost over 95% of its purchasing power since Congress abdicated its responsibility to the Federal Reserve. Meanwhile, we have a system that literally requires unsustainable debt for us to live and work. Rather than take steps to reform it, Democrats and Republicans have merely pushed a system that financializes almost every major aspect of our lives from housing and education to medical car and most major consumer purchases. They are debt pushers.

Add this to a tax code that costs half a trillion out of the economy per year in compliance costs alone – a tax code that tells you how much of your labor you truly own. That tax code can never truly be understood or consistently and fairly interpreted. The worst part is that it’s grown beyond a means to generate revenue. It’s been bastardized into a tool for social and economic engineering. We can do better than a tax code with more deductions, credits and incentives that revenue. We can do without a tax on labor, period, once we put the federal government back in its constitutional box. Otherwise, the tax code is ripe for Congressional abuse – a consistent means to simply make the minimum payment on the interest for the national credit card.

Of course, none of this is possible without Democrats and Republicans, Washington style and top down, controlling education. We spend more than plenty on what they call “education”. Generations of guaranteeing student loans ad infinitum should have us swamped with more scientists, engineers and innovators than we could possibly have run for. Instead, we have safe spaces, useless liberal arts degrees, some $5,000 paid per student at many schools for athletic teams and a building for any college administrator who wants one. That’s of course without the possibility of students discharging the debt in bankruptcy after the schools lied to them about career and employment prospects. This is after the public schools that convinced us this was somehow intelligent and beneficial without giving us the math skills to understand compounding interest, which would have convinced us otherwise. It takes a special kind of willful

incompetence to defraud a child after destroying his ability to think and reason. That is Democratic and Republican willful incompetence. I don’t want that for my kids – and neither should you vote for it no matter what your reasons.

The effect all of this has is apparent. We have to work more. Jobs are fewer. Hours are longer. We wait to start families, and the families that people have started are under pressure and broken up by a failed system. What’s worse is that, like its treatment of industry, government also rewards those who would do nothing far more than a hardworking parent could earn. This truly prevents people from living and having the meaningful relationships that make life everything it can be. There is a very bipartisan effort that destroys families – be it from the economic end all the way up to endless, aimless and pointless wars that send fathers abroad to never return.

This isn’t just about you and I. This is about me too. We can’t rely of Democrats and Republicans to end the type of systemic resource extraction and social engineering that has rotted America from the core. In fact, they won’t. They rely on the way things are to remain in power. Their parties’ philosophy is simple – power for its own sake, by whatever means no matter what. Libertarians believe in the individual. When you cast your vote in November, the most important thing to know when Democrats and Republicans want your vote is simple – they do not believe in you. No one who wants you in debt, on a government program, in a licensing scheme or subject to restrictions of your liberty believes or trusts in you.

Not once can Democrats and Republicans consistently point to a subsidy, benefit or handout that truly works. When such things work, the recipients get to a point where they no longer need them. Instead, we have generations of companies and people alike who can’t seem to get off of them. This is hopeless dependence.

I was there countless times as my friends in the Democratic and Republican parties were lied to, disenfranchised and denied access to the levers of choice. The establishment owns that machinery, and their only hope in effecting real change is to reject it.

Unlike the party establishment, I made my promises under penalty of perjury. I can’t seem to get a single Demopublican to follow that. I cannot promise that liberty is easy – but I can guarantee that it is far more prosperous for everyone in the long run. I cringe when I think about the trillions of dollars wasted on bailouts, scams, boondoggles and outright fraud on the American people because we have not elected Libertarians in the past – that’s in the last decade alone. We are talking about enough resources that we could have kept and done amazing things with, like cure cancer or feed everyone on planet Earth.

Realistically, we’ve parted with enough money to start civilization on Mars – and for no sane reason.

The bottom line is simple. You don’t win when you vote Democrat or Republican. They do – and you lose. It is simply insane to think “What would we do without all these programs, restrictions and wastes of human potential?” The country would not fall apart without these things. To the contrary, we would all do much better in a very short period of time. Only once in the last hundred years did we scale back the federal government – 1920-21. That was in response to a depression worse than the Great Depression. And it lasted for such a short period of time that most economists hardly had time to make a note of it.

I am asking you to vote Dan Reale, Libertarian for Congress, so we can all win this election. I believe in you, and you all need your liberty, which is the only thing that could ever make America great again.

Libertarians were right. We have made that case. Rather than sit around and talk about whose candidate’s wife wears what makeup, we’d rather just solve some problems and be done with it.

That’s why I’m running. Tell Washington you want a Reale congressman for a change.

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