Donor Appreciation: What has Your Money Achieved?

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A very big thank you to our donors in 2012. Donor appreciation is something very important to us at Dan Reale For Congress. It wouldn’t be possible to even say “Dan Reale For Congress” without you. Your donations in 2012, which totaled $12,000, really went a long way for liberty.  Below is a list of all the things we achieved with your money. This is the efficiency that Libertarians pride themselves and this is exactly what we can expect of Dan Reale once we get him elected into U.S. Congress. Here is a list of things we achieved with your support:

  1. We established a campaign head quarters. With 2 full time staff, card processing, a phone bank, internet and countless volunteers.
  2. We purchased thousands of yard signs. 2 of the signs are 4×8 like the one in the photograph outside of the campaign head quarters. The yard signs were spread out across the whole eastern side of the state.
  3. We debated and defeated Joe Courtney in the Norwich Bulletin Debate at UConn Storrs campus.
  4. We purchased our website
  5. Dan Reale received enough votes to qualify for ballot access in the Connecticut 2nd Congressional District. That was a huge accomplishment in itself. It is the sum total of all the pieces we put together for a future of liberty in this country. This election in 2016 we are already leaps and bounds ahead of where we were in 2012 just for the fact that we don’t have to petition for Dan to be on the ballot.

We really made a lot of headway in 2012 towards putting Dan Reale into U.S. Congress as a voice for liberty but we are not finished yet. In 2016 we need your help to keep climbing.The polarization and utter insanity of this presidential election is driving people into the Libertarian party by the millions. This is a big opportunity for us and you are greatly appreciated in your continued support. On top of continuing the aforementioned items, here is the next phase of the Dan Reale For Congress mission:

  1. We are planning on a 60,000+ home direct mailer.
  2. Radio advertisements.
  3. Television advertisements.

These are big time campaign tactics and it is something to be proud of as a Libertarian candidate. These are the tactics that the mainstream politicians use and this is going to get us elected. Jesse Ventura, an independent governor elected in Minnesota, was able to get significant polling numbers right after running his first television commercial. We are not just planning to give them a run for their money in 2016, we are aiming to take the whole race for the side of Liberty. Thank you for all you do for liberty and Dan Real For Congress.

Contact Michael Holman, Campaign Manager any time at 860.546.8997 or

Donor Appreciation 


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