It has been time to remove the federal government from the education business. The costs are high because there isn’t a mandate or a restriction entirely unconnected to real educational outcomes that Congress can’t say “no” to. A one size fits all model does not support innovation, and it definitely doesn’t prepare our children to succeed.

At the college level, guaranteeing student loan debt to anyone regardless of any ability to pay, any practical application of the degree or any realistic demand for the skillset provided has obvious consequences. The same is true for exempting student loans from the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, Truth in Lending Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act. More frightening is that we saddle our youth with these exorbitant debts, encouraging them to take on even more still, while denying them the ability to discharge student loans in bankruptcy. Congressman Joe Courtney may bill himself as supporting students under this arrangement, but in fact, he’s only supporting high tuition rates.


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