The LPCT Chooses Senate and House Candidates

Written by Mark Stewart Greenstein
Political Director Libertarian Party of CT
2016 LP Convention Delegate – Orlando


Connecticut Libertarians Choose Senate and House Candidates
by Mark Greenstein
Political Director LPCT
Sandwiched between the Democrat and Republican State Party Conventions, the Libertarian Party of Connecticut chose its state nominees last weekend.  Challenging Sen. Richard Blumenthal will be Richard Lion, who is the LPCT’s most successful vote-getter as a Libertarian.  Mr. Lion served four years in the US Air Force, and ten years in Connecticut’s Air National Guard.  He has been campaigning in several Connecticut locales since the winter.  Voters have been attracted to his energy, his clarity, and his message that elevates individualism over “socialism”.
The LPCT also nominated Dan Reale to challenge the 2nd District seat held by Democrat Joe Courtney.  Libertarians have a place on the 2nd District ballot thanks to the successful past efforts in the last Congressional election.  Mr. Reale is one of the few candidates who has a binding pledge subjecting him to removal “and even imprisonment should I ever break a campaign promise”. Mr. Courtney has made no such pledge.  Many Democrat incumbents like him have left Nutmeggers with broken promises.
Voters are attracted to the Libertarian Party because its tenets follow the Constitution, and its candidates campaign to respect both the Constitution and the general principle that Americans are more prosperous and more free when government greatly limits itself.  In practice this has also attracted voters who are “socially liberal and economically conservative”.
This stance bodes well for attracting votes in 2016 and in the many local elections in 2017.  As elected Republicans and Democrats violate their pledges, and refuse to even make pledges in the name of freedom, many voters will realize how Libertarian candidates not only align with their beliefs well, but can effectively replace Republi-Crat hegemony.  Joshua Katz, an elected Libertarian, remarked at the weekend’s convention that “The American people are frustrated with what the Republicans and Democrats are putting forth, and are ready for a party that takes the responsibility of governing seriously.  They are ready for choices that take freedom seriously.  They are seeking what the Libertarian Party proudly offers.”
Mark Greenstein
Joshua Katz
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